Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Little Pony

Our pony, April, was ridden in her first horse show by Miss J.
Juby didn't win but handled the pony well and safely so in our minds, it was a total success!
Our friend's granddaughter rode Deca in the Lead Line.
Natalie rode two different horses in her division but not at the same time!
The best part of the morning was hanging out with our Trainer and her family,
and our family too! Tori, Brandon, Leigh and Morgan came to watch the show.

Donna and Natalie ride together often and really enjoy each other's  company.
In between classes,we hung out at the trailer enjoying the weather and a chance to sit down and relax outdoors.
The little girls had some fun handing out the ribbons after each class.
 The girls paid for their classes with their allowances and had a great time. It was a pleasure seeing this little girl be able to ride and have fun on our little pony.

Back To School 2012

We were all sooo excited for the school year to begin. John began school away from home for the first time. We spent a lot of time discussing, praying, and thinking about which school and which grade to put him into. There was a sense of peace when the decision was made, and then pure excitement while preparing for the big day.

One of the preparations included trading ownership of three bedrooms in the house. Sam and John each got their own room and Natalie moved into a room with a very big closet. This switch facilitated and necessitated some heavy cleaning and also decluttering of items and clothing.
After taking a good inventory of what we had, it was easier to see what we needed to buy. A few new outfits added to the fun and and is a great confidence booster to students starting a brand new year.
Larry chose to go into work late so that he could see everyone off on this very special occasion.
The summer was so hot, that we are ready for a touch of fall. This pretty morning offered just that!
Our High Schoolers posed for a picture while waiting for the bus.
 Our youngest, and my only student this year was also beginning a new term on this day.

I had already ordered her books and planned her lessons. Now, I am looking forward to spending a wonderful year together.
Dear Lord, Please help all students, teachers and parents to grow in age and grace and wisdom this year. Please keep us safe and pure of heart and mind. Please help us all to know, love and serve You each day. Amen.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bieber Fever

This is Natalie's Birthday cake made by our neighbors, featuring her special love, Justin Bieber!
Fresh roses surround his picture which they printed out and placed on top of the cake.
For her birthday, she received a notebook binder with his picture on it which she picked out. This she takes to school with her Justin Bieber lunchbox.
 Did I mention that she turned 17?  We support her interest in this pop star as this is the best kind of boyfriend to have!!! Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope he never breaks your heart!