Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Steve Chapman,  All For the Glory

Elegance's Afghan

I finished Elegance's Afghan yesterday. It is big enough for a child to take a nap on their bed. I like the blackberry, grey and white colors. This blanket took me a little over two months to crochet.
Unfortunately, my hobby is starting to take toll on my right wrist! Such a Bummer!!!!
I don't know if it is a tendon or carpal tunnel but I have had to take some relief measures which really do help. The little glove applies pressure in the right area. That was sold in the crochet section. The internet has many suggestions for dealing with this so I am thinking that this happens top a lot of folks. It is the repetitive motion that causes the problem with pain.
I also made my crochet hook ergonomic by rolling foam over the handle and attaching it with duct tape. That makes it so the fingers don't have to grip such a small instrument..
I have two more Afghans to go for little ladies born into our extended family.
The yarn is already purchased for Amiable's and can't wait to start, but plan to take a break to give my wrist a healing rest.

Backyard Golf Course

Handsome has a golf course in his backyard complete with a flag and hole.
He has about eighty to one hundred golf balls all around his yard that he hits toward the hole. I told Greg that it never would have occurred to me to have so many balls available to play with at one time! I'm pretty sure I would have had only a three pack out there which would have been no fun at all!


Sam took Jessie to the Homecoming Dance.
It was our pleasure to help Sam put an outfit together that matched Jessie's pretty royal blue dress.

River Walk

Visiting for only a few hours so as not to overwhelm the new mother, we decided to go out for a walk on a nearby scenic trail.

We made a big family group on this beautiful day.
In addition to the new family, we were so excited to see our beauty queen, Nanny Natalie.
The trail followed the river locks. It was easy to talk with different individuals while walking.
We stopped to rest at the playground along the trail.

Larry was interested in the construction of this picnic table pavillion.

The river itself was beautiful to look at. In addition to the playground, there were shops, restaurants, artwork, a covered bridge,

and an amphitheater along the length of the trail.

This man gave an impromptu lesson on martial arts to our group. Although we didn't know him,
I didn't worry with Jon right there.

We all enjoyed being outside together, seeing such pretty sights.

New Grand-Daughter

We went to visit our newest grand-daughter, Amiable and her parents.

When I asked Chelsea if she was surprised at how much she loved her baby, she made me stop and think by replying that the love for her child was "a different kind of Love". Ever since, that sweet expression has given me something to ponder.
Amiable was only a week old when we met her. It was such  a privilege to see Jeff and Chelsea as new parents. It really brought me back to my early days with Jeff.

Puppy Delivery

We had the good fortune to "save two birds in one nest"*  (figuratively speaking), by helping Aunt Kathy get a puppy delivered to College Town where we were going anyway!

*A friend of mine who is a Quaker taught me that expression which means essentially the same thing as to  "kill two birds with one stone" but is non-violent.
This little guy did quite well on the trip. He cried just a little bit and then went to sleep.
Larry and Jeff met the new owner at a specified location and handed the puppy off.
Although it was very little trouble for us, we were thrilled to receive a tip that paid for our gas and dinner on the road!

Band Recruitement

Sam's Band Director is young and ambitious. He works hard and expects a lot. He has a recruiting measure called "Eighth Grade Night" for upcoming students to sit in and play with the High School Band for an evening football game performance.
Here are the Eighth Graders with their instruments, sheet music and  free Band  T-shirt.
and there is the Band in uniform, ready to march in.
John played his trombone on the sidelines with the band as they did their little diddies for good plays made and touchdowns, etc.
The Director wanted them also to see the Half-Time Show which is made up of four songs played in a row to 75 pages of marching formations. The music is tied together with a theme and the Color Guard interprets that story in time to the music with multi-colored flags.
We also watched the game, which I really think was my first one in MANY years.
I hope that at this time next year, both boys are playing  in the band!

Homemade Tools

Greg continues to produce tools for his workshop by hand. The handle on the above mallet is made from walnut that Greg sanded down from a log.
The table he made by piecing poplar wood together and he explained to me the purpose of the other tools he fashioned upon it.
This is a homemade air cleaner ventilation system he built in his garage. It is a box fan with a wooden  frame,
An air filter is on either side of the fan. The dusty air is pulled through and the wood particles are caught on the filter. Fresh air is then blown out from the other side. I am not only impressed that Greg built this, but also that he knew he should have one!
I have enjoyed visiting with Greg and Cindi during the week,
and spending time with the kids!

Battle Reenactment

We happened upon a Civil War reenactment which was free to attend.
The weather was ideal.
The soldiers had cooking pots over an open fire.
Look what's for dinner- corn and apples. This simple meal looks good!
The dancing was entertaining.
The soldiers actually demonstrated the charge across this Run (creek)  for a large group of folks watching.