Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Band Recruitement

Sam's Band Director is young and ambitious. He works hard and expects a lot. He has a recruiting measure called "Eighth Grade Night" for upcoming students to sit in and play with the High School Band for an evening football game performance.
Here are the Eighth Graders with their instruments, sheet music and  free Band  T-shirt.
and there is the Band in uniform, ready to march in.
John played his trombone on the sidelines with the band as they did their little diddies for good plays made and touchdowns, etc.
The Director wanted them also to see the Half-Time Show which is made up of four songs played in a row to 75 pages of marching formations. The music is tied together with a theme and the Color Guard interprets that story in time to the music with multi-colored flags.
We also watched the game, which I really think was my first one in MANY years.
I hope that at this time next year, both boys are playing  in the band!