Sunday, October 20, 2013

Time Capsule

My niece and nephew spent the night in preparation for a trip the next day. They spent their time preparing a "Time Capsule" filled with a book of pictures of the cousins and sporting events, the flower girl bouquet that Juby carried in Jeff and Chelsea's wedding, and many other tidbits of memorabilia.
Maryhelen had prepared this book ahead of time and was planning for the "Time Capsule" before she arrived.
I loved the imagination that went into this project and the sense of adventure the kids were exhibiting.
In fact, I didn't know what they were planning until I came upon them digging a one foot deep whole in this area, now covered back up. I explained to them that this area has all of our electric, cable, phone and water lines ( from the well just to the left of the picture) coming in at this very spot. Thank God they didn't hit any of them with their metal spade!
I also explained that their Capsule won't be as much fun to open after the dirt and rain and bugs eat away at the cardboard box and items inside of  it.
They were thrilled to be offered the use of this hidden space under our staircase which we just opened up for ourselves less than a year ago.
At the last minute, they remembered to put on the box  the date on which it was encapsulated!
They plan to open it up in three years. Won't that be fun and something to look forward to?