Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alice In Wonderland

We recently took the girls to see the dress rehearsal for Alice In Wonderland. This high end ballet studio offers both school and homeschool groups the chance to see their dress rehearsals for only a dollar per student with tickets reserved ahead of time.
Many children sat on the wood floors to watch it while the adults sat in chairs around the edge of the  auditorium. This studio is known for its quality productions so it was a treat to be there and at such a great price.
Many dances, loosely based  on adventures that Alice could have had if she had taken a nap in Wonderland, were performed in fantastic costumes. The older students were en pointe and did pretty twirls and leaps to classical music. I took a picture at the final curtain call. Alice, The rabbit, and The Queen of Hearts are visible above.
At the end of each of their shows, the ballet students sit down to meet and greet the audience by introducing themselves and give their ages. The dancers seemed to enjoy performing and the young students watching were an attentive audience.