Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Engagement Party

We received an invitation to attend an Engagement Dinner Party to celebrate the upcoming wedding of my son and his lovely fiancee, hosted by one of their Bridesmaids.  Although I have heard of these occasions before, I had never attended one!
Drinks were served as well as a Prime Rib Dinner that was fantastic! We met many of the Bride's friends and  conversed with her family and our own in a very classy, yet relaxed atmosphere. Two long rows of tables were set up in a private third story room that looked out onto the Downtown area.
In addition to the great company, dinner, and plenty of beverages, this "Engagement Cake" was a show-stopper! It was a very moist spice cake in 5 layer pieces with fabulous buttercream frosting. A few of us thought that it was the best cake we had ever eaten!
We all had a great time and got a chance to know better many of the attendants and family members who will be at the Wedding. Many thanks to Martha and Brady who treated us all to an elegant evening out to  celebrate with this much loved couple.