Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snake Savy

Our Homeschool CoOp  spent the day at The Arboretum which is another name for a "tree museum". An Arboretum is a place where tree varieties from all over the world are gathered and grown in one place. The younger children studied Snakes in the morning, and the older students took a class on Birds in the afternoon.
Five stations of hands-on exhibits were set up for the kids to touch and learn about. Different kinds of coverings are shown here, fur, feathers and a shell are pictured.
I liked these owl wings. At this point, our teacher was discussing vertebrates which is what snakes are.
She was so comfortable handling this non-poisonous snake that it crawled into the back of her shirt through her sleeve.
Outside, we looked through this window grate to observe a group of snakes sunning themselves. It was such a chilly, blustery day that we weren't able to walk around much to enjoy the trees, but we did take the driving tour and it looked very inviting for a pleasant walk when the weather warms up.