Monday, February 24, 2014

Snow Days

This winter has been notable for its abundance of Snow Days!  We have had snow on the ground for a month it seems with another couple of inches added about twice each  week. Then it snowed 23 inches at once!
Our county is large with rural, hilly areas and the buses can't travel safely when there is fresh snow or ice on the roads. We have had more complete days off than " two hour delays" but either way, we don't mind that a bit!
I love the notification system that the schools use to get the word out about closings. At 6am, both my cell phone and the house phone at the bedside ring with a recorded message about a delay or closing. At that point, I go around to tell the  kids with alarms set to turn them off. Yayyyy!
Although I can feel the teachers' pain with having school lessons backing up with the loss of "instructional time", once you've homeschooled, you realize that Every Day there is something to be learned or enjoyed and it all counts!
Recently, I've heard the kids say " I can't wait until it's summer." Then I quote my mother who likes to say     "Don't wish your life away."  We all know that summer will truly be here before you know it. For now I plan to enjoy the beauty of snow on the ground and the brilliant light that it reflects into the house.