Monday, May 12, 2014

Cooper's Rock

The weather was so beautiful that we went out to visit a nearby attraction called Cooper's Rock. This made for a very easy hike through massive rock formations on the top of a mountain.
The guys climbed up this rock face using little hand holds.
Caves and clefts were everywhere.

This is a cool place and what was amazing was how much public land was available to hike on and enjoy.
The huge rocks are everywhere! Many families took advantage of the gorgeous spring weather to spend their Easter afternoon outside in this adventurers' paradise.
The scenic overlook has a pretty design.

Obviously rock is plentiful and the many outbuildings and pavilions are made of it.

 In the common area which included a picnic section and playground, a young man was busy building a grape-vine turtle. he said that last year, he built the grape-vine Grizzly, below.

We got back into the cars and drove about a mile further back on this mountain road and climbed some more rocks, off the trails. So many beautiful woods! All to explore for free!!!!

This was great entertainment and a wonderful way to be outside getting fresh air and exercise all together.
I recommend this natural wonderland to anyone looking for family fun and adventure.