Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grand Feature Parade

We gathered at the home of our friends from church as we have for many years now. The parade is even more fun to watch from outside someone's home. In this town, folks buy homes on the parade route for just this purpose to put on a yearly party for friends and family.
Everyone brings food to nibble on throughout the afternoon.
The kids can play in the backyard when taking a break from watching the 3 to 4 hour long parade.
Sam's band sounded great! This year, when they came to a pause, they turned to face the people lining the streets and played "The Happy Song". Very cheerful!
Here comes the first float of Princesses!
There's Tori on the right.
The Queen is 17 years old and the newspaper accounts said that she has a great personality and was having a wonderful time.
The weather was terrific for the parade and we all enjoyed it.