Friday, January 25, 2013

Finished Project

The girls continued to work on their project bags and on our fourth day of sewing them (over a couple of months' time), completed their project!
One of the things that I liked about this craft was the discipline required to get the  sewing machine and ironing board out each time and to put them away again at the end of our time together.  We worked on this endeavor step by step, making progress, and eventually it was finished!
After the bags were made, I brought out the reason that we made the bags!
These junior sized knitting needles were only $2.50 and a big skein of yarn only $2.77. Each girl got a set and then we began our next project which their new bags will hold.
Knitting! They are going to make scarves. I am making one as well so that I can demonstrate how to knit. A "picture" is worth a thousand words and it is much easier to show someone how to do something than to tell them. We will continue this past-time during our visits together in the winter months while it feels so nice to have warm yarn in your lap!