Friday, January 25, 2013

Still Packin'

Seeing these lunch boxes lined up on the counter was too much fun to miss taking a picture of them! I still enjoy my second task of every school day. After starting a pot of coffee, packing lunches comes next. I do it  before sitting to down to read a meditation and pray because this job takes some time.
I had the pleasure of having my nieces and a nephew spend the night before an activity that we did together. Mom had given me some leftover hoagie rolls and a bag each of cut-up carrots and celery from our gathering the day before. These supplies made packing lunches a breeze! Sliced turkey and Provolone cheese, romaine lettuce and mayo (added because of the rolls) made for tasty sandwiches. I cut each roll in half and gave each student two halves separately bagged up. Fruits and vegetables are a main stay of sacked lunches and Mom's carrots and celery were all ready to go! Small apples make a nice dessert and clean the teeth after eating lunch. A new bottle of water ( I label the bottles and reuse for my own children) was the beverage.
I like to show my love by packing a tasty looking lunch. My reward comes from the not infrequent comment from a kid " My lunch was really good today".  Seeing the empty packaging come home in the bags is the other gratifying remuneration from this daily chore.