Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Later Than You Think...

That title is something that Grandma Dolly said to me one day as I bustled in to bring her something. I can honestly tell you that it stopped me dead in my tracks. When I asked her what that profound saying means, she said that it could mean a lot of different things. It certainly has provided me with a great deal of food for thought! It  made me think, "If not now, when?"  Why keep putting things off until "someday"? You never know when you will literally run out of time.
One thing that this concept encouraged me to do, is to take a class at a local yarn shop last Saturday morning. For 10 dollars an hour, a woman gave me a private lesson  and taught me how to crochet. At least  6 years ago, I bought the book above and have had it in my closet ever since. I could never teach myself to crochet by way of pictures when trying every couple of years. I have always wanted to learn to crochet because my Mother-In-Law made the nicest quilts and aphgans and gave them as gifts which we treasure. For so many years I have had a baby or a toddler on my lap so I had no room, nor a free hand to "'craft". With my youngest child slowly growing up, I now have room on my lap! I finally took a class, taking time away from my family in the middle of a Saturday, and for twenty bucks have learned a new skill which I can enjoy for the rest of my life!
Of course now that I have learned to crochet, I am hooked!!!! Get it?! It is soooo much fun! This is something to do in the evenings ( I have to give up some time to read in order to do this) and while waiting at Doctor's offices, etc.
A friend of ours gave me this wonderful collection of assorted yarns all in nursery colors! We just so happen to have a couple of  few! babies due amongst our friends and family! I am now crocheting away in preparation for them.
Dear God Our Father, Thank you so much for the great gift of hidden new life. Please help these babies to grow and develop and bring them into the world as you Will. Please help all of those who wish to be parents and who have asked us for our prayers, asking you in the name of your only son, our sweet Lord Jesus.  Amen.