Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Egg Salad

My grandson surprised us by offering to manage the making of egg salad on a recent Friday in Lent. We boiled at least a dozen eggs which he helped to peel.
I was impressed that he could slice the egg with this wonderful Kitchen Aid slicer.  What amazed me was the way he was able to pick up the sliced egg in one hand and turn it around at a 90 degree angle on the tool. Then he could reslice it in a different direction making the pieces smaller.
One by one, he dropped the sectioned eggs into the bowl to which we added mayo, salt, pepper and mustard which made it great!
They say that kids will eat better if they help to prepare the meal.
That was certainly the case here and the egg salad was outstanding!
Our Bishop has asked that all Catholics refrain from eating meat on every Friday during this Year of Faith. That will be no sacrifice with fresh delicious egg salad available, prepared by this capable four year old, delighted to help!