Wednesday, February 27, 2013

River Walk

On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, the place to be was outside! We headed down the valley to a park that winds along the Shenandoah River.
Signal Knob provides a great backdrop for this meandering trail that seems to be well used by walkers and joggers alike.
It was peaceful and pleasant to walk along the pathway enjoying the warmth of the sun on this mid February weekend!
The Shenandoah reminded me of the Nile in that it was obvious that it had recently overflowed its banks, which it often does. Also like the Nile, it is one of the few rivers that flows from south to north. Both of those rivers can be said to flow "uphill" because the point of origin of the water source is lower than the end point ( but lots of water joins it along the way from higher sources).
Frisbee, football, soccer juggling and even bike riding were some of the activities the kids got into at this park.
Although Jon was busy serving our country, Meg invited us back for homemade pizza with mac and cheese which really hit the spot!
The kids had fun playing while it cooked.
After a good meal, and an afternoon filled with fresh air and exercise, we made it back on time for the evening Mass!