Sunday, February 10, 2013

Handsome Cowboy

Our Grandson turned one and that special occasion was celebrated in grand style with a Cowboy-themed birthday party.
Handsome's family and many little friends were in attendance. At least six beautiful babies were there, including a set of twins, whose parents could pick up refreshments for them at "The Baby Bar"!
The house was decorated with some wall murals that put us all in the mind of the "Old West".
Most folks had thought to wear shirts that would look good with a cowboy hat, a bandana , and a sheriff's badge! Cindi was our cheerful and lively hostess whose outfit reminded us of Rosie the Riveter! At one point a few of us just stared at her standing there as we could not believe the resemblance to an image  that we remembered but hadn't seen in years!

We Can Do It! (Rosie the Riveter) Art Print
Yes, we can Cindi!!!!!

Delicious foods of every kind were served in Greg and Cindi's new dining room...
...and kitchen. It was wonderful to feast on great food  and to visit with family and many young friends of this happy couple that both they and we have known for many years.
There were many young parents in attendance as well as young married couples. It was super fun to see the next generation enjoying the same journey that we have traveled. It is nice to be friends with folks of all ages.
We  had a chance to sit and visit and discuss the very interesting details of future events that we are all  looking forward to!

Mom and Dad were in great spirits,
as we all were because birthday parties are so much fun!!!!
Since Greg had a large number of strong young men at his house, he took the opportunity to move Cindi's childhood piano into the house from the garage!
By God's grace, that went well and it had a terrific sound as people began to play it as soon as it was moved in!

When it was time to sing and to wish this little fellow a very Happy Birthday, it was easy to see how much he is loved...
He had his own little custom made cowboy cake which he did enjoy!

The children took home goody bags at the end of a very pleasant afternoon.
Happy Birthday, Handsome!