Sunday, February 10, 2013

Family Breakfast

We went to Mass right after our Grandson's party and it was great that we did because that evening we received a most friendly invitation to an early Sunday morning Breakfast! These cousins and entrepreneurs have started a business together and they wanted to treat their family to a meal out at a quaint little restaurant!
The drive there was lovely as it was lightly snowing and all I could think of was "over the river and through the woods..." We were so excited to see everyone at this unusual time of day for a gathering.
Brian had reserved the entire back room of the restaurant. A brick fireplace with a warm fire gave it just the right ambiance! There were many tables to choose from so of course we had a teen-ager table...
and a children's table which even the baby sat at!
As the early risers rolled in we added more tables so that we could sit all together.
The food was terrific as was the service. We had one waitress specifically assigned to our party and she was great at keeping our coffee hot and filled! She could see that we were there to have fun and she really facilitated that. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting next to my sister for a wonderful chat.
Mom and Dad joined us for this 9 am breakfast. These ARE the Good Ole Days !!!!

At the end of the meal, Uncle Jerry collected the scraps in a "Bucky Box!"
I figured out a long time ago that you are never going to make a million dollars working for someone else. We wish these talented young men Godspeed as they begin their business together. We wish you every Success and Prosperity as well as Safety and Peace.
Hey, let us know when the company Tee-shirts come out!!!
We should definitely do this again sometime, Dutch treat, of course!