Monday, May 20, 2013

Apple Blossom Parades

We attended both parades for Apple Blossom and each was a blast. The Firefighter Parade had both new and old equipment from localities near and far. The Grand Feature Parade was terrific and a great example of Americana.
We sat with our family and many friends from church and ate goodies while we watched hours worth of fun and fancy floats go by in perfect weather.
Fashion for the Apple Blossom Festival requires all attendees to wear pink or green in any and every shade they have. Most of the men in this town have pink shirts ( and some have bright green pants) for the occasion!
Donna and her family watched the Firefighter's parade near us . Notice the terrific outfits!
Patience and Handsome sat together through the whole of both parades and behaved splendidly.
Sam marched in both parades, playing the cymbals!