Monday, May 20, 2013

Life. By. Fund-Raising.

Larry and I helped with four events over the Apple Blossom weekend in addition to the things we took our family to. All weekend long I joked that I was experiencing Death By Fund-Raising, but what really happened was just the opposite!
Working with the The Youth Group, we  helped to 1)set up and 2)tear down the weekend in the park; 3) directed traffic in  a parking lot for donations to our homeschool group, and then 4) helped children to get into and out of this "Air Booth" at the park on Sunday. I unzipped this booth at ground level to let each child in for 10 seconds of heavy wind blowing inside. I stood up and then unzipped it all the way to ground level. The line was long and a new child went in about every 15 seconds. I only volunteered at this for an hour and a half but I don't think I can count how many "Deep Knee Bends" that added up to!  Let's see, 90 minutes times 4 kids per minute is 360!!!!!  The next two days, I could hardly walk!!!!
I was able to reflect on the fact that the festival is so fantastic because MANY people help to put it on. I was glad that we could play a small role in making it happen. I have found out that attending the events is terrific, but it is even more fun to participate just a little behind the scenes. I once heard that a busy life is a good life. I sure hope so! I know that volunteering makes me happy and I was very grateful for these opportunities to add what I could!