Monday, May 20, 2013

Horse Show

We had fun going to a very low key horse show nearby.
Juby got two fourths. There were four people in the class. Two girls in their later teens, a thirty year old woman and Juby!

She was the cutest and did just fine managing her pony, April. Tears ensued after her second fourth and lessons on good sportsmanship were taught!
After she showed, she was able to ride bareback around the grounds on another pony that we brought.

Natalie did very well and got four blue ribbons and a trophy on Kodak.
Natalie is riding Bailey here who is too small for her but is being exercised.
This is our favorite picture of the day. The girls are together at the gate with Donna, their good friend and the owner of the farm and horses that they ride. She didn't show but drank coffee with me! She is a lot of fun and has been very generous in allowing the girls to ride at her barn.