Saturday, September 7, 2013

Archery Class

With hunting season approaching and both of the younger boys planning to bow hunt, we decided to enroll them in an Archery class. This six week class is designed to teach the skills needed for safety and to improve accuracy.
Two gentlemen, who wear the coolest Bow Hunting shirts, co-teach. There is a lot of individual attention.
Both Sam and John have dominant right eyes. They pull the string back with the right hand, squint with the left eye closed and use the right eye to sight the target. The first thing the instructors did after the safety talk, was to determine which eye was dominant for each archer.
There is a an equal number of girls in this class. Archery for women has become immensely popular after "The Hunger Games" book and movie came out.
The boys don't mind that. They spend some class time "flirking" with the pretty girls who are also taking the class!