Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dog Sitting at the Pool

Our neighbors were called out of town and asked the boys to care for their dog over the next four days. This was easy as Sam and John are their sons' good friends and know their dog, Maxie well.
They gave us permission to swim in their very nice in-ground pool for taking care of the dog!
Maxie was super sweet, only barking the first time we went over to feed her. The weather was very hot so we swam three days in a row. Maxie hung out with us the for all the hours we were at the pool and that must have been nicer than staying in the house by herself.
This pool has a hot tub connected to it...

...and a basketball hoop.
I never went into the water but soaked up lots of warm sunshine and got a tan. It was truly a pleasure to enjoy this pool and help to take care of a very nice dog.