Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Handley Library

John and I had a morning to ourselves and so we went to the Library. I allowed him to do some Parkour for fun because this beautiful stonework will not break (I hope).
This Library is celebrating its 100th year. It is magnificent in every way and we all love it. We used to live up the street from it and  the older kids and I would walk there often.
In the Auditorium of the Library is set up an Art Show, featuring many wonderful paintings and drawings of the library over the last 100 years including photos of when they were building it. John and I perused the exhibit.
After checking out our books, I took a photo of him with the sculpture "Library Lil" which is permanently fixed on a bench. He is getting so much bigger than she is!
I really enjoyed spending this special time with my youngest son which can sometimes be a rarity in a big family.