Monday, January 20, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day was crowded! It was abundantly full of family, food and fabulous gifts given as expressions of love. 
As our family grows, our living room gets smaller. We may have to go to an artificial tree just to save space!
Last year when Jeff and Chelsea were engaged, she noticed that the gift exchange (one present at a time) took too long. I was conscious of that as I shopped, and got fewer presents this year. Jeff said that I had it backwards. Now that she is married into the family, she has no choice and we should take even longer! Haha! We did speed things up so that we could enjoy visiting and eating.
 The most exciting gift of the day was Greg and Cindi's photogragh of a little family of safety pins with a tiny safety pin inside of one of the big ones. it took us all a few seconds and then screams of congratulations ensued as we registered their fantastic announcement.

                                                           Jon was feeling the love!
Handsome and Patience had a great day together and swept the kitchen with his new broom kit.
                                    The G-man loved his new game, Hungry Hippos.

By God's Grace, it was another very Merry Christmas.