Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Meg told me that she occasionally has the chance to work on Sudoku puzzles at work when things are slow. I explained that I tried one once but was no good at it. I then watched her complete one and got the bug! These things are fun and addicting!  Pulling up some You Tube videos, I learned more techniques for solving these number puzzles.
During my first week of attempting to finish the daily puzzle published in the newspaper, I went to visit Mom and Dad at home and found Dad working away on his book of them
He has been doing them for years and has developed some great strategies for eliminating possible numbers for each square, block, row and column.
So far, I have determined that I can solve only Easy puzzles. Dad can do the difficult ones but it can take him awhile. Meg says that she sometimes has to walk away from a puzzle and then can "see" a solution when she looks at it a fresh. I am so excited to join this craze and am now delighted to pour a hot cup of coffee and sit down with one of these puzzles for a little bit of leisure each day if I can.