Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Family's Journey

My son-in-law, John, lost his dear Stepmother just before Christmas and I had the  privilege of seeing  him and his whole family share this beloved woman's journey as she passed from this life. John helped his Dad to care for his wife as her disease made living more and more difficult for her. John's twin was also so helpful as was Tori who cleaned their house numerous times so that his Dad could give his wife the hands-on care that she needed. I was so impressed with the on-going dedication that was manifest in this family. Time was taken off from work to give the help which was absolutely needed.
The family came together to plan her beautiful Memorial Service with a candlelit portion, during which some of us prayed and others told stories of her wonderful life. After the service, we shared a meal at their home that John's Dad had cooked from scratch. It was very moving to see how much this woman was loved by her family and how much of an impact she had made on them becoming the close and loving family that I was witnessing. I saw Love In Action and I was very proud of John and Tori and all that they had done during this special woman's transition from life to death.