Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Santa Baby

Although none of us like the creepy song this post is named after, we sure loved the outfit that Amiable wore on Christmas Day!
We had a different Christmas this year in that most of our married couples were with the other sides of their families on Christmas morning. It was wonderful to change things up and made the whole season of Christmas that much longer, with many different times of folks getting together.
Of course, it is never all about the gifts but once a year it is nice to show one's love with a gift that is fun to give and receive!
Our boys found boots under the tree.
The ladies got make-up compacts,
The married couples received bird houses,
Greg hand-made and then painted puzzles for the children,
and Chelsea thrilled Juby with a selfie quilt.
Thoughtful pictures,
a toy and book for each kid,
outfits for the babies,
and a very nice guitar for Larry were some of the gifts exchanged.
My children surprised me by going together to have a year of this blog published in book form! What a treat!