Friday, April 26, 2013


Middleburg is a beautiful little town that takes itself very seriously as one of the horse capitals of Virginia. Over the years, the girls and I have taken trips here to buy inexpensive (this is a relative term when used in the same sentence with horses!), used horse tack and clothing.
On this particular day, we came to pick up a saddle that we had left at a repair shop. This was a gorgeous saddle that Natalie had purchased with her own money and had used for a few years. Imagine our disappointment when the estimate for repair was 2/3 of the purchase price. This was way too much to reinvest. Oh well...She will be borrowing saddles for awhile.
Although many shops along the main street in this little town are horse related, there is also an element of fun and fashion here, as well as many types of eateries. Everything is above all, classy.

Our favorite store sells used tack, show clothing and other horsey items on commission. The fox is representative of Fox Hunting, one of the endless ways that horses can be enjoyed for sport or pleasure.

Used saddles abound here... well as countless pairs of long boots in all sizes across a thin aisle. The smell of good leather is intoxicating!
While here, we were able to purchase a pair of paddock boots for Juby who has outgrown her last pair.
We have been coming to this horse shop since before she was born, and will probably return many times as she, like her sisters, has developed a love for riding these beautiful animals.