Friday, April 26, 2013

More Art Classes

At our Homeschool Co-op, one of the Dads hand-crafted about 30 looms which he made from hard poplar wood and then left ready for the children to finish. 14 holes had been drilled into each side of the looms and small wooden dowels prepared.
The students poured glue into each hole and pounded the dowels in. These were then allowed to dry for a week.
The next time we gathered, the kids strung up their looms using one color yarn and then weaved through that base with a different color yarn.
The kids really enjoyed this process which is much like making pot-holders out of loops from kits at home.
Each child was able to keep their loom and ball of yarn in progress to finish their weaving at home.
The next week, we made popsicle stick bridges.
The students found out that this is harder than it looks but as always, they enjoyed the creative process.
Most of the kids built a footbridge rather than one with trusses. The bridges were allowed to dry under a fan and then taken home. I have loved being an "Art Teacher" and am very grateful to our director who wrote such good plans that all I had to do was follow her clear written directions and implement them.