Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bridal Shower

Chelsea's Bridal Shower was lovely and a lot of fun because so many fun people attended! Held within walking  distance from  our house, 15 of my family members met here and we caravanned over to the party.
Everything was so nice! Chelsea's Mom and sisters were our hostesses and it was easy to see that all the ladies in her family share a knack for home decorating and creativity.

Cindi, (looking so fab and happy), led us in some great games, including,
This game was a blast!
So many people I love were present and we had a great chance to catch up and also to meet all of the women in Chelsea's life who will be at the wedding.

All of the Littles came to the party and enjoyed this very gentle giant of a dog in his crate.
Our Bride-to-Be wore a white summer dress and really seemed to love the many gifts for her kitchen and home showered upon her by so many friends and family members.