Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who Ya' Gonna Call?

This little lady was playing with her horses in the basement ( in her bathing suit) when she heard a loud "thump".  A few minutes later she heard a "hissing" noise and looked up to see a thick, 5 foot Black snake about 2 feet from her!!!!!!!! She ran up to Meg, white as a ghost and said "There is a snake in the basement." Meg expected to see a tiny little Racer snake and was flabbergasted to see this big snake!
I was out at the clothesline ( had I left the door open????) when they came flying out to tell me! I saw the snake and all we could think was to call a pest control company. The first one I called said " Oh, we don't handle snakes....". I am still waiting for the second company to return my call.
Then Meg picked up her phone and called her husband. Jon happened to be on his lunch break at his favorite place to grab a sandwich which is very nearby. He was here within 5 minutes!
Meanwhile, the snake holed up in this firewood pile near the wood stove. Taking over the situation, and Completely up for the challenge, Jon was able to wrestle this snake from his hiding place using golf clubs (to hook him) and his bare hands! He put him in a  rubbermaid container used to hold legos and took him out the door!!!!!!
Jon then put him in his work truck, not in the back as you might think but in the passenger seat to show his prize (still alive, of course) to all the guys at work. He was at our house for about ten minutes from start to finish! I don't even think he was late getting back from lunch. G-Buddy saw his Daddy being a hero and Meg and I were SO grateful for the way her husband responded and took charge of this dilemma.
Thank you so much, Jon!

The next week, we had a live bird fall into the same woodstove and Larry had to open the basement windows and then the fireplace to let it fly outside!!!!Yuck!!!

 I am wondering if it is time to get a nice normal house in a subdivision!