Thursday, December 19, 2013

Boney Mallet

Playing football in the frontyard, Sam was injured when the ball hit the top of his middle finger. He complained of a lot of pain and did have some swelling just at the first knuckle. A few days later when the pain continued, we asked our neighbor who is a Sport'sTtrainer with a master's degree in that field to take a look at it. He immediately diagnosed a "Boney mallet finger" which is serious if left untreated. We were able to get him into our local "ortho clinic" and they x-rayed the finger. You can see the little broken bone!
We went right over to occupational therapy where a little splint was handcrafted for him. He must keep the tip of his middle finger level with the rest of the finger at all times. It wants to droop down, and he can't lift it up without the splint. It can't drop even once, or the tendon may come apart and he will have to start the healing process over again. As always, through this whole time of obtaining good medical help for Sam, I was extremely grateful for the terrific medical care we received from all the knowledgeable and friendly providers.