Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mexican Feast

Our Cooking Club celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe by preparing four dishes for a Mexican Feast.
The twelve children who attended split into four groups. At Station One, they browned the meat for the tacos.
The next Station prepared "Aztec Chocolate", that is homemade hot chocolate from scratch.
The third station was for the taco fixins' prep.Washing lettuce and using the salad spinner,
...dicing tomatoes and onions, and getting the shredded cheese ready to serve.
In the fourth station, the kids made sombreros like the one Juan Diego might have worn by cutting up mozarella sticks and putting a piece on a Pringle chip.
The dessert was made here as well- Holiday pretzels dipped into melted white chocolate and ....
covered with sprinkles. Each group of three children rotated through the stations taking a turn with all the preparations. After the cooking was completed, Allison led a discussion on eight little known facts about Our
Lady of Guadeloupe and her apparition there. Most of the children were very familiar with the story so taking things a step further made for a great discussion. As a group, we prayed The Divine Mercy to remember the Lord's Passion and his unfathomable mercy toward us
Then we ate together and had a wonderful time visiting. Allison and I really enjoy the Cooking Club and have been privileged to spend time sharing our homes, skills and faith with these great kids.