Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fresh Sugar Beets

I enjoy beets but have only ever eaten them out of a can and that rarely. Our friend just told me how to cook them and I  picked some up on sale at our discount grocery store.
Donna explained that you treat them just like a potato.  Wash, peel and dice them using a sharp knife
Boil until tender! That's it. Wear an apron because beet juice is a natural dye and a real stain maker. The dark color is the latest fad in foods, claiming to have "anti-oxidant" properties that lead to good health. That reminds me of a funny magnet I saw. What we now call "Organic Food" is the same stuff  our grandparents just called "Food".
I have heard beets called "sugar beets" and thus the title. I think someone just called them that to get kids to eat them.I don't recall these being a big hit with the kids but I thoroughly enjoyed them and will buy and prepare them again!