Monday, November 24, 2014

Nursing Fair

Tori was able to earn extra credit by participating at a local expo to introduce young people to the opportunities available in a Nursing Career.
 Juby was invited to go with a friend, and I was grateful because this event was well put together and very well attended.
Here are John, Juby and Tori putting on little plaster bandages to simulate a broken finger.
There were at least thirty hand-on exhibits demonstrating the different specialties in Nursing. This is a model of a decubitus wound- a bed sore and some new technology to treat it.
John sat down to do algebra problems on a math worksheet about medication dosing. Whenever I hear folks say "When am I ever going to use Algebra in real life?", I think of this example- you need Algebra ratios to figure out the proper dose of medicine for different sizes and ages of patients.
This is always great to see- the difference between healthy lungs and a smoker's lungs. If I was a smoker, this would make me switch to Chew tobacco immediately!!
We also were able to climb into the ambulance for premature babies and see the same isolette that is used in the NICU. It looks complicated with the the three pumps on top of it.
See the tiny hats crocheted by local seniors for the preemies to wear?
This Fair appeared to be very successful in introducing lots of children to the many interesting areas of nursing practice.