Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bon Fire Party, Turn Up!

Sam had a Halloween Party to which he invited his cousins, friends from church, and the Band.
We cleaned out the big garage, borrowed a lot of decorations, made food and started the Bon Fire.
 About 50 teens  attended and seemed to have a great time.
A little bit of Live Music was played but the party really took off when his cousin Matthew arrived.
Matthew's truck is a mobile party machine. The flashing LED lights underneath it were a huge hit and so was the sound system.
He backed it into the garage, turned off the engine ( very smart!!!) and pulled his speakers out, putting them into the bed.

 He played a great selection of music and the kids danced!
They did large group dances and had a ball.
Every bite of chili was eaten and I made it with six pounds of hamburger! They ate everything we served and even enjoyed the apples. Next year, we will make more food.
The kids stayed until 11:30 and played "Manhunt" in the yard, a version of Hide and Go seek. The temperature outside had just a slight chill so the bonfire was nice to sit around. Larry and I were impressed that so many of the teens said" Goodbye and ThankYou" to he and I. It was fun to prepare for this party and very rewarding to see that everyone enjoyed themselves so much.