Saturday, November 16, 2013

State Band Festival

This is the view from the concession stand window that I looked through to watch Sam's Band performance. I volunteered for a long shift to help serve food to over thirty competing high school bands.
This was so much fun the first time I did it, I volunteered again the following month. I love to deal with food and the same band parents worked together both times to serve delicious food to hundreds of hungry teens and their directors.
Hot pizza, Chick Fil A sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, hot chocolate, cider. soda, gatorade, candy and...
delicious barbeque sandwiches were served.
The hamburgers were grilled outside to cook and then kept warm and juicy in this heated pan. The lady in charge made a rich beef broth with beef bouillon powder, Worcestershire sauce, onion soup mix to cover the burgers. When this pan was opened to put burgers on a bun, the meat smelled like good steak!
Nachos were a crowd pleaser and were served up by our neighbor and friend above.  A real benefit to working was getting to know some very nice folks. Believe it or not, even after sharing two 6 hour shifts, I still didn't know everyone's name. We were that busy!
Sam's band received a Superior rating. We were able to take a couple of  leftover pizzas home to the family. I really enjoyed this opportunity to help out and will volunteer for this again next year, God Willing. The position I wouldn't want was the Concession Coordinator who very closely predicted how much food would be needed and then procured it, planning out how it would be cooked up and served. What a big job which  she did well!