Saturday, November 16, 2013

Computer Pro at Work

Jeff spent the night with us while in town studying for a computer certification. At 10 pm, he decided to completely rearrange our computer set-up. He disconnected all of the myriad gear and wires while Tori and I took down hundreds of books from two book cases and moved them out of the way. 
By 2 am , we had a completely upgraded computer center with everything dusted and the wiring simplified.
He also found six or seven viruses on our computers and removed them. He gave us and connected up a new type of router called a "meraki". That tool showed him that we have been loosing our internet signal a couple of times a day. We had noticed that but thought it was us. 
The next morning he continued this project and called our Internet provider to get the best deal possible. We have been overpaying for a long time. He arranged for a service call as well.

We are all enjoying this huge upgrade. We have better virus protection and he will manage to get the updates that we have been neglecting from his home, hours away. I stayed up until 2 am watching him work and was amazed by how much  he knows about maintaining a computer network. I kept worrying that this project was keeping him from studying for the very important tests he had to take the next day. Thankfully both he and his partner (and cousin), Brian, passed both tests easily and were certified.