Saturday, November 16, 2013

Natural Pigment Paint

The Homeschool Co-Op that we belong to is very focused on hands-on learning. Each week, the kids do a project in almost every class. In Art, the kids made homemade paint using natural pigments mixed into...
egg yolks! Using a very cool strainer sold by Pampered Chef, our Art teacher, a mom with a degree in Fine Arts, separated eggs and placed one yolk at a time to each child in their hands.
Each yolk had to have a thin membrane removed from it, and then the yolk was dropped into a clean baby food jar.
Then they added a small amount of natural pigment and a little water to the yolk and stirred it with the wooden end of a paintbrush.
The kids made three jars of paint in different colors to take home. They were told to use them within two days because the egg yolks don't keep. The painted pictures had a beautiful intensity of color and had a nice sheen from the egg in the paint.