Friday, April 4, 2014

Cacapon State Park

The weather forecast looked fantastic and Kat wanted to get out to walk the little guy. She sent a "shout out" for hiking and got a big response from the cousins!
EVERYONE wanted to get outside and to move around after months of snow and cold temperatures.
We met at a central location and caravanned up to a scenic State Park with hundreds, if not thousands of acres, free to hike on.
Snow on the ground was no deterrent and a light jacket was all that was needed to keep warm while walking.
The adults and the babies stayed on the winding road, which was closed to traffic, while the kids and teens headed up the big hills to scale the rocks and take in the view.
It was so much fun to be outdoors and moving! We chit chatted about everything and enjoyed the scenic beauty. At the top of the hill we came upon this little cluster of four rustic cabins. We talked about the idea of renting them out to form our own little village for the Thanksgiving weekend. Could we simplify our menu and cook over a fire?
No! Unfortunately, they are booked!
Technology intruded on our bliss when the teens set off my car alarm. They called on the cell phone to ask me to hit the button to turn it off. It wouldn't reach from there!
We slowly made our way down the mountain and turned it off when it could connect.
This State park has an awesome lodge. We all went in to the lower level which boasts a huge recreation room.
We must have stayed close to an hour while the kids had a blast pretending to play on arcade games.
MH was warning Cupcake not to crawl into the  little door at the bottom of this game like someone they had heard of!

It is amazing how much fun you can have for free!
Some of the teens had pocket money and treated the group to Pool.
So much fun!!! Let's do it again soon! With more notice, we can get the rest of the cousins to join us:)