Sunday, April 6, 2014

Expecting A Lot!

We had no idea that we would hear such exciting news as we gathered at Greg and Cindi's for a Pizza Party. Meg had a clue when she saw Jeff pay for the pizza at the door instead of Greg. That led her to believe that maybe an announcement was forthcoming from that couple. Actually, it had leaked out that Greg and Cindi had received a job offer that would take them far away and they wanted to discuss it with us. Larry arrived at the party prepared to talk them out of it! He was very saddened.

That emotion turned to pure joy right after dinner when Jeff surprised us with the news that Chelsea is expecting a baby!
Ever the practical joker, Jeff had arrived with three jars of  "Prego" sauce to use as props for a photo op.
All three of our married adult couples are expecting at the same time! Does this happen often?
All the time in my parents's family! So many of the cousins were born within two weeks to a month of each other and usually an additional child was born during the same year. That makes for built in playmates at family outings.
Prayer to St. Gerard During Pregnancy
St. Gerard, holy intercessor for mothers and babies, please pray for us during this time of our pregnancy.
I feel this blessed life growing within me and am filled with praise for our Wondrous Creator- A God who gives life and then entrusts us to nurture and nourish it. I think about our Blessed Mother, bearer of the very Son of God, and of my own mother who bore me in loving faithfulness. My prayer is that God protects this baby, that we have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery, and that this child and all our family grow in living faith until we find our place in God's Communion of Saints in everlasting life.    Amen.

We include their other expectant cousin in this prayer as well. You ladies all should go visit that pretty lady,
to reenact the New Testament  story of  an expectant Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth, pregnant with John the Baptist.
Bring a jar of Prego!
The kids had fun outside.

and in the basement.
Juby is just the right age to fit right in and yet be a big help with the little kids.
 The guys hung out the living room...
While the ladies spent their time swapping pregnancy anecdotes!