Sunday, June 29, 2014

A New Deck

Last September, our good friends built a nice deck around one end of their above ground pool.
Soon after they completed it, the swimming season came to a close.
This year they are really enjoying it and so are we!
My family also grew up with an above ground pool. Dad built a large deck from the house and it went out to the pool in a couple of levels to create the illusion of an inground pool. Two different neighboring families each had their own such pools and decks. The kids all swam together in one pool or the other, or all three in the same day! It made for a great summer.
 Decks are a wonderful place to sunbathe and a place to  leave one's pool toys readily accessible. They definitely add more fun because a group can hang out there. It is important to note that the above deck is well secured with a locking mechanism that they are strict about using to prevent unattended access to the pool, for safety.
Congratulations to our friends on this wonderful home improvement and thanks for inviting us to enjoy it with you!