Friday, June 27, 2014

Barn Life

Tori borrowed my camera to take pictures of some of the animals she takes care of at her barn job.
She got some great shots of the many cats there that she loves.

This is a scenic farm in the next county which prides itself on remaining rural.
The owners of this farm have built this beautiful cottage as a guest house.

Tori cares for the horses, feeds, grooms and rides them.
She loves working with animals and being outdoors.
I love this picture of her engagement ring shining in the sunlight...

I am beginning to have moments of realization that she will be married very soon and will be moving out of our house to live her own love story... We will miss her so much but wish her every happiness. I hope that one day she and John have a barn of their own filled with animals to cherish, and a yard full of adorable kids, to help with all the chores!