Friday, June 27, 2014

Food Bank

Our homeschool group volunteered to set up and disburse 5 pallets of food to hungry folks and families over two days in June.
Our teen-aged boys and girls and even small kids helped to carry cases of food into a church in the next town.
The kids had a blast setting up the foods into" like" groups. it was like playing  a giant game of "Store".

A very nice of assortment of food was available for the next morning's give away to the poor.
I could not believe that from start to finish, including setting up the tables, carrying everything in and unpacking it in an orderly way, we were driving away in fifty minutes. Now that is some awesome teamwork!
The next morning, we began at 7:30 am by setting up boxed "lots". Each chair and the box on the ground in front of it constituted one lot. 80 different recipients came to the church and do so each month on the same Friday to collect one, two or three lots of groceries depending on how big their household is.
We loaded the groceries and wheeled them out to the cars- none of them late model, I can assure you.
Many of the poor folks were crippled in some way and needed help with lifting. The adults could
not have done this job without the kids. They were a huge help. It was good for them to see how grateful the people were to get some food for their tables and pantries. This was a wonderfully satisfying service project that allowed the kids to make a real difference locally. Besides all that, it was fun!