Friday, June 27, 2014

Gordon- Roberts House

We saw four separate attractions on this field trip and each was so much fun! The Gordon-Roberts House is a fully restored town house of an upper-middle class family who lived there from before 1889. Three floors of period furnishings were on display.
The Dining Room...
Children's playroom...
The border around it is an old fashioned alphabet!
a young lady's bedroom,
a lady's writing room... The guide reminded us that there was no telephone back in the day, nor any of the other forms of modern communication. Everything was written. To be honest, texting reminds me of this time period. We pass notes all day long by texting and it is a great way to communicate!
The Nursery...
White clothing was displayed throughout in the tiniest of sizes!
I have seen pieces of furniture like this before and it looks very useful.
In the basement was the Laundry Room,
The Dumb Waiter, which the kids got such a big kick out of...
and the Kitchen.

After the tour, we all met in the Parlour for children's games. We had a wonderful discussion with our very pretty hostess who had such a warm and welcoming personality about life in olden days and this particular House Museum. Apparently, it is not to be missed at Christmas time when they decorate with hundreds of nutcrackers, holly greenery, and a huge tall tree!

This place was spectatcular! It is open daily for tours and each guest is served a cup of hot tea!