Friday, June 27, 2014

May Crowning, 2014

Our homeschool group changed it up this year and had our May Crowning ceremony at a nearby Retreat House. This beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother is located in an outdoor garden encircled with flat stones in the design of the Rosary. The adults and children stood on the stones and we prayed the Rosary together, for all our intentions especially for Peace in the world and in our families. As always, the children placed flowers and colored ribbons in our "crown' ( made by Larry about 7 years ago). A crown of roses is on her head.
Catholics love and respect our Lady as children do their mother, and that doesn't take away from our Adoration and Reverence for our Lord and Savior, Jesus; Almighty God the Father and the love shared between them, The Holy Spirit. She is like The "Queen Mother"- she raised the King. She was Redeemed by Jesus Christ before He was born, because God is not constrained by time and space as we know it. She is daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son and Spouse of the Holy Spirit. She is the model of Virtue for women as Jesus is the model of Virtue for men. In her apparition at Fatima , She asked us to pray the Rosary daily which many of my family and friends do. That is no "good-luck charm" but instead, a way to ask for her to take our little worries and concerns to her Son.
 If you worry, why pray? If you pray, why worry?
I wish that I could have the discipline to pray this beautiful prayer daily.
Dear Lord, please help me to do that!
We had a nice time with a picnic lunch and outdoor games. I got to bring some of my grandchildren!
The moms in our group always enjoy hanging out, chatting on a beautiful day, while watching our kids playing together.