Friday, June 27, 2014

Bouncing with the Cousins

Cecilia hosted our Nut Fest Prep gathering for the month of May. We were all excited to go because her family owns a full sized Moon Bounce! This inflatable was being thrown away but Jeff was able to salvage and repair it. Knowing him, it is probably now in better shape than it was when new!
This bouncey house is well secured with sandbags all around it as is necessary to prevent it from taking off.
We had a good turn-out for our preparation meeting to plan for our up-coming Family Reunion. These meetings have been a joy in and of themselves as we have worked together on a group project.
This day was Mom's Birthday and after a terrific sandwich and salad lunch, we wished her happiness and health for a new year.
What is not to love about the spectacular view from our cousins' front window and porch?
 In EVERY kind of weather, this is a sight to behold!